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Buy a New Construction Home2.5% Rebate

Buy a Resale Home 2% Rebate

Sell Your Home for a Low Flat Fee

Rebate Texas Average Rebate $8,916!

New Home Rebates Examples

  • $600,000 x 2.5% = $15,000
  • $500,000 x 2.5% = $12,500
  • $400,000 x 2.5% = $10,000
  • Min $1500 broker fee applies under $300k

Resale Home Rebates Examples

  • $600,000 x 2% = $12,000
  • $500,000 x 2% = $10,500
  • $400,000 x 2% = $ 8,000
  • Min $3000 broker fee applies under $300k

Recent Buyer Rebates

  • $25,306 - Oak Forest
  • $23,500 - Bellaire
  • $22,500 - Richmond
  • $22,412 - West U
  • $22,027 - Fulshear
  • $20,019 - Austin
  • $18,964 - Riverstone
  • $18,006 - Benders Landing
  • $17,900 - Wilchester
  • $17,728 - Woodson Reserve
  • $17,630 - Oak Forest
  • $17,225 - Somerset Green


How do Home Buyer Rebates Work?

We pay commission rebates at closing as a credit against buyer closing costs, including prepaid property taxes and hazard insurance premiums paid at closing. A credit at closing is as good as cash because it directly reduces the amount of cash you would otherwise have to bring to closing.

As per TRID/RESPA regulations, rebates are not paid outside closing. As summarized on the Texas Real Estate Commission website: "All rebates should be reflected in the closing disclosure form and any cash rebate to a buyer should be made with the consent of the buyer’s lender.  A license holder may not pay a rebate outside of the transaction."

Why don't 99% of realtors pay rebates?

To be frank, most clients are wasteful of real estate professionals’ time and resources and the real estate industry is similarly wasteful of clients’ resources. Most realtors have to charge their serious clients much more than necessary to make up for all the fruitless efforts they expend on not-so-serious, high-maintenance people they have to deal with. They also must subsidize an inefficient business model with big offices, broker overrides, team leaders, billboards, etc. 

REBATE TEXAS and our clients partner together to eliminate the waste–and to share the rewards!  We eliminate waste from our side (by running a lean operation with minimal overhead) and our buyer clients eliminate waste from their side (by doing their own market research and by being low-maintenance clients).

Only well-prepared, low-maintenance, and conscientious buyers qualify for our program–clients who earn their rebate. We believe smart, serious home buyers deserve a smart, serious broker (and vice versa).

What are the Rebate terms and conditions?

Rebates must be paid at closing. If buyer is using a mortgage, Rebates must be allowed by buyer's lender. The 2% and 2.5% rebates assume a 3% commission is offered. A minimum 3000 broker commission applies to resale purchases below 300k. A minimum 1500 broker commission applies to new purchases below 300k. The 2.5% new home rebate is for homes sold through salespeople in model homes representing builders that use their own contracts, where broker assistance required is minimal. Rebates may be reduced for distressed properties and corporate listings. Please contact us for a complete list of terms and conditions.

Can everyone work with Rebate Texas?

No!  Only smart, conscientious, decisive, well-prepared home buyers - who respect our time and their own - qualify for the rebate program.  Indecisive, unprepared, unfocused home shoppers do not.  

What should I choose REBATE TEXAS?

We’re not the best for everybody - but for smart, well-prepared buyers, 3 main things set REBATE TEXAS way ahead of the competition:
1) Proven Results,
2) Higher Client Satisfaction, and
3) Bigger Rebates!

Are you a “Full-Service” Buyer Broker

Yes and no.  We’re like the economy airline that provides the essential services at a great price by not building into the price many extra non-essentials.  We provide showings, contracts, negotiations, final walkthroughs, and guidance from start to finish. For new construction, the builder does the showings and contracts, which is why the rebate is larger for new construction homes. We won’t shuttle your checks to the title company and we won’t sit next to you at closing, but we'll verify your closing statement ahead of time and keep you on-track throughout the process. Our clients are willing to forgo hand-holding and get thousands of dollars back at closing instead!

Are rebates legal?

Yes!  You can confirm it here right on the Texas Real Estate Commission’s website.  Rebates are helping introduce competition in an industry where true price competition is rare, despite the paradigm shift that has occurred in technology.  In 2005 the US Department of Justice successfully sued the Kentucky Real Estate Commission to allow rebates in Kentucky.  In 2007, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and DOJ issued a joint report “Competition in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry,” praising new business models like ours that are finally starting to make the real estate industry more competitive!

What if My Rebate Exceeds Closing Costs?

Lenders can cap the rebate amount they will allow you to use, so you need to be proactive with us and the lender to find a solution if you're in this situation.  In our experience, buyer closing costs for PITI mortgages on home purchases in the 300k-700k range in Texas typically run about 2.7-3.1%, which is more than the 2% Resale Rebate and the 2.5% New Home Rebate.  Ask your lender for a worksheet of your estimated cash cash to close, inclusive of the expected rebate.  If the expected rebate exceeds your closing costs, let us know the approximate excess amount as soon as possible, so we can help strategize solutions.  We have provided multiple rebates in excess of $20,000, so we can usually figure a way for you to utilize the entire expected rebate. 

Four Easy Steps for Buyers



This important step will help you to decide whether we’re a good fit to work together (or not).



In this step, you get pre-approved with a lender and identify a shortlist of 1-3 finalists in the same area: homes that you are serious about and would like me to show you. You should drive by the home(s) first to be sure you like the neighborhood, street, etc. Just by driving by, you’ll be able to eliminate some homes that looked good online — too much traffic, power lines close by, odors, or other deal-breakers. When you are ready, willing, and able to see your finalists and make a reasonable offer (not a lowball bid), contact me for the showing.

If you are interested in new homes, please view new construction special instructions. If you go to open homes and sign in, always indicate that you are working with Rebate Texas (or Southern Homes, our dba) as your buyer’s broker. If you don’t mention a buyer’s agent when you sign in, the listing agent may refuse to pay a 3% buy-side commission, which means no 2% rebate for you).



If the showing goes favorable and we decide to work together, we’ll both sign a buyer’s agent agreement to continue the process which locks in your 2% rebate. Next I’ll type a draft offer for your review, then send you a link by email to electronically sign the final copy once it’s exactly how you want it. I’ll submit the signed offer to the listing agent, work closely with you to negotiate the final price and terms, and help you address any concerns that may arise out of the inspection.



At closing, you’ll get the keys to your new home, and you’ll be thousands of dollars wealthier than if you had used a regular buyer’s broker who keeps the entire 3% (or a regular listing broker who keeps the entire 6%).

Show Me the Money!

Here’s a flowchart illustrating how the 2% Buyer rebate gets funded on a $400k home purchase.

Rebate Texas LLC

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REBATE TEXAS LLC dba Southern Homes is a Broker firm licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), under individual broker W David Beutel.

David is a graduate of Stanford University, and his diverse professional and entrepreneurial background including Peace Corps, teaching, school administration, industrial equipment sales, financial planning, portfolio management, insurance, and real estate.  David's prestigious certifications include Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Financial Analyst®.

An avid real estate investor, David owns and manages several rental properties in the Houston area.

David helps smart Texans achieve their real estate goals through rebates and flat-fee listings, using a contemporary business model to earn a fair profit while generously rewarding my clients. David follows the late Zig Ziglar’s edict that you can have whatever you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.