4 Easy Steps for Buyers


1.  READ OUR FAQ.  This important step will help you to decide whether we’re a good fit to work together (or not).

2.  PREPARE & SEARCH.  In this step you get pre-approved with a lender and  identify a short list of 1-3 finalists in the same area: homes that you are serious about and would like me to show you.  You should drive by the home(s) first to be sure you like the neighborhood, street, etc.  Just by driving by, you’ll be able to eliminate some homes that looked good online — too much traffic, power lines close by, odors, or other deal breakers.  When you are ready, willing and able to see your finalists and make a reasonable offer (not a lowball bid), contact me for the showing. 

If you are interested in new homes, please view new construction special instructions.  If you go to open homes and sign in, always indicate that you are working with Rebate Texas (or Southern Homes, our dba) as your buyer’s broker.  If you don’t mention a buyer’s agent when you sign in, the listing agent may refuse to pay a 3% buyside commission, which means no 2% rebate for you).
. If the showing goes favorable and we decide to work together, we’ll both sign a buyer’s agent agreement to continue the process which locks in your 2% rebate.  Next I’ll type a draft offer for your review, then send you a link by email to electronically sign the final copy once it’s exactly how you want it. I’ll submit the signed offer to the listing agent, work closely with you to negotiate the final price and terms, and help you address any concerns that may arise out of the inspection.

4.  CLOSING & REBATE. At closing you’ll get the keys to your new home and you’ll be thousands of dollars wealthier than if you had used a regular buyer’s broker who keeps the entire 3% (or a regular listing broker who keeps the entire 6%).

Show me the Money!

Here’s a flowchart illustrating how the 2% Buyer rebate gets funded on a $400k home purchase:

Buyer Flowchart

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