2.5% New Home Rebate

When you buy a new construction home for $250k+ directly from a Texas builder with Rebate Texas as your buyer’s agent, we will rebate you 2.5% of your new home’s purchase price!  That’s 83% of the standard 3% buyer’s agent commission!

When you go to see model homes, first download our Notice of Buyer Representation, fill in your name(s), and present a copy to each builder in each model home community you visit.s18

REBATE TEXAS is happy to work for the reduced commission because: 1) our lean business model doesn’t have to subsidize expensive office overhead, billboards, franchise fees, redundant broker commissions, etc. and 2) we partner exclusively with savvy clients like you, who take care of most of the buying process themselves.

As a savvy new home buyer, you’ll walk away from closing with the keys to your brand home, richer by Thousands of Dollars than if you just walked into the model without a buyer agent, like hundreds of less savvy buyers do every day.  All you have to do is plan ahead, choose REBATE TEXAS to represent you as your buyer agent, follow the builder’s commission rules carefully, and collect you 2.5% rebate at closing!  You’ll receive your rebate as as17 direct dollar-for-dollar reduction of the money you would otherwise have to bring to closing! You will see it clearly right in the middle of the front page of your closing statement.

Too good to be true? Not at all, but there are two important pitfalls to understand and
to carefully avoid:

  1. Whatever you do, DO NOT just show up at the model home, sign in as an unrepresented buyer, then expect the builder to pay a realtor commission.  That could be a $10,000 mistake!  Literally!  Each builder has its own policies about realtors and you need to first find out these rules and follow them carefully, to the letter.  Your rebate is at stake!  No commission means no rebate for you!  Best practice is to call the builder(s) you like ahead of time and find out what their policies are before you go to the model(s).  At a minimum, be sure to provide a Notice of Buyer Representation to any builder representative you meet upon first contact. s12
  2. Be careful with a builder credit toward closing costs when financing. That could be a $1000-$5000 mistake! When you stack builder credits on top of a 2.5% realtor rebate, the builder’s credits are applied first and your lender may disallow the part of the rebate that exceeds your actual closing costs or the part that exceeds a FNMA/FHLMC cap on interested-party contributions “IPCs” (see Buyer FAQ). Contact us to discuss possible alternate approaches if you find yourself in this situation.


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